What if we could feed 1 billion people while saving the planet?



The Carbon Offset for a Sustainable Food System


our unsustainable food system is responsible for over 25% of global emissions*.


Supply Chain
2.4 billion tons CO2e

food processing, packaging, transport, refrigeration,etc.

food processing, packaging, transport, refrigeration,etc.

Agricultural Production
8 billion tons CO2e

 Emissions from synthetic fertilizers (and the energy used to manufacture them); manure; methane emissions from livestock and rice; aquaculture; and fuel use from on-farm machinery.

Land Use
3.2 billion tons CO2e

deforestation, peatland degradation and fires, and emissions from cultivated soils.

our food system will reverse climate change.

Farmlink's Sustainable food system offset is the first comprehensive way to transform our food system to fight climate change while providing meals to millions of families around the world. 

Offsetting today while investing in tomorrow.

Carbonlink works with leading carbon researchers to develop and support comprehensive offset projects that prevent emissions from our global food system. We are the only offset available that can transform our food system from the largest carbon polluter to the largest carbon drawdown system on the planet.

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Help farmers switch to sustainable practices so they can start pulling carbon from the atmosphere into their soil.


By diverting surplus produce from farms to food banks, we simultaneously provide healthy meals to communities and reduce emissions that would have been produced at landfills.

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By capturing methane from landfills and converting it into clean energy greenhouse gases are efficiently reduced.

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How it Works.

Purchasing our offsets helps you become carbon neutral while also giving back to the community. For every credit purchased, 1 ton of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere.

1. Project Removes Carbon

Carbon removal projects around the world capture, reduce, and prevent carbon emissions. 

2. Buyers Purchase Credits

You become part of the solution by purchasing carbon credits to offset your emissions.

3. Communities Benefit

Projects receive funding to continue capturing carbon while providing millions of meals to families.

this new years, donate and offset your carbon emissions.