Corporate Membership

The Farmlink Project connects farms with surplus to communities in need.

We believe we can bring an end to hunger alongside massive food waste in our lifetime.  We are on a mission to feed people in need, rebuild food systems, reduce carbon emissions, and empower the next generation of young changemakers. 

Success in Numbers


lbs of food moved


lbs of  CO Prevented

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Membership Tiers


Below we have more detailed partnerships available for companies looking to show their commitment to impact through a donor recognition letter, social media brand partnerships, or publicity as a major mover of The Farmlink Project. 

Committed Donor

The Farmlink Project will personalize a letter recognizing your company’s donation and commitment to food justice, hunger, insecurity, climate change, and any other causes The Farmlink Project’s work impacts. This letter will be in a format presentable to your donors, followers, and community partners

Brand Partner


The Farmlink Project will provide social media support on Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms through curated media content with The Farmlink Project’s custom-made graphics and logos for your organization.

Impact Enterprise

The Farmlink Project will grant your organization the highest corporate sponsorship status with a designated representative for the partnership’s needs. This package involves a letter of recognition in addition to an article about your company’s mission aligned work published on all social media platforms sharing your organization’s impact. We will also publicize your company’s logo, impact, and mission alignment on our website as a top donor. 

The Farmlink Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit; all donations are tax-deductible through our Tax ID/EIN #85-1398171. We appreciate any and all donations to support our cause in ending food insecurity in the United States.