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Did you know that 30-40% of the United States food supply goes to waste every year? That’s over 80 billion pounds of food going into landfills, which is equivalent to 1,000 Empire State Buildings. By 2030, the US aims to reduce food waste by half, in an attempt to address food insecurity and climate change. As a part of The FarmLink Project, you are having a direct impact on these numbers, helping bring the U.S. closer to its 2030 goal. 

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Weekly Face of Farmlink

This week, we are proud to share a story about Christian Bailey, a truck driver from Georgia, and Julie Burke, a food bank owner and founder from Massachusetts, working together on a delivery in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

Christian Bailey and Julie Burke stand outside a temporary refrigerator unit in a hot field on June 26, 2020. Nothing about Christian’s appearance hints at the thousand or so miles he has just driven from Georgia to deliver mixed greens and other produce to Massachusetts...read more here.

Highlighted Farmlink Connections

43,000 pounds of potatoes from Mountain Valley Produce in Center, Colorado to Food Bank of the Rockies (Denver, Colorado). Read more about this Colorado delivery here!

40,000 pounds of potatoes from John E. Ferebee Farming, Inc. in Camden, North Carolina to Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina (Raleigh, North Carolina). Read more about Carter Crain, the Director of Food Partnerships at The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, here or more specifics about this delivery here!

36,326 pounds of 2% milk from Balford Farms in Burlington, New Jersey to LifeStyles of Maryland Inc. (La Plata, Maryland). Read more about this connection between Balford Farms and LifeStyles of Maryland here! More stories about the farms and food banks that FarmLink has helped connect thus far can be found here.

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100% of your donation goes towards buying fresh produce from farmers and covering transportation costs so that nutritious food can make its way directly into the communities that need it most. By contributing just $1 to The FarmLink Project, you are helping rescue a whole 10 pounds of produce, which is enough food for eight meals! Thank you for supporting The FarmLink Project and helping connect farms to food banks nationwide. Sincerely, The FarmLink Team

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