Week 2 Updates

Thank you so much for your support! Here are some updates from FarmLink this week: With your help, FarmLink successfully delivered 123,240  pounds of potatoes from Ashton, Idaho to Utah Food Bank Service in Salt Lake City, Utah and Food Finders in Los Angeles, California—our biggest shipment yet! Thank you to our partner Uber Freight for helping us transport this delivery. United Hands of Compton, one of the organizations that received this shipment, distributed the potatoes to over 2,000 families at their weekly food giveaway. “The potato shipment was a blessing that came from above,” Martha, the CEO of United Hands, told us. Martha said that since the coronavirus outbreak, members of the community begin to line up at 9:00 am for the food giveaway that starts at 2:00 pm.

“If you have people lining up in the hot sun for hours, that’s how you know the situation is bad. But with the potatoes, we were able to feed all of them.” 

In addition to this potato delivery, FarmLink also salvaged and delivered 6,000 pounds of assorted vegetables from Durham, NC to Central Virginia Food Bank in Richmond, Virginia and 42,500 pounds of potatoes from Moses Lake, Washington to Siskiyou Community Food Bank in Yreka, California. We are extremely grateful for all of the support that we have received from farmers, foodbanks, transporters, and individuals like you who are making these shipments possible. Together we are reducing hunger and food waste across the United States. To stay up to date on FarmLink’s total numbers, check out the counter on our website.  Please donate whatever you can here today! 100% of the funds raised go directly toward buying produce and paying industry workers. Thank you so much for joining our mission to feed individuals in need while saving industry jobs during the COVID-19 crisis.  Sincerely, The FarmLink Team

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