Week 3 Updates

A lot has happened since last week’s newsletter, but the work that FarmLink continues to do is only made possible through the generous support of farmers, foodbanks, and individuals like you. So, thank you for your continuing interest in and contribution to FarmLink! This past week, FarmLink rescued over 120,000 pounds of potatoes from Moses Lake, Washington and transported them to Washington Gorge Action Programs in Bingen, WA, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank in CA, and the town of Rehoboth, NM where they are being distributed to members of the Navajo Nation. 

With the highest per-capita COVID-19 infection rate in the United States, the Navajo Nation needs help now more than ever to overcome the disproportionate effect that the pandemic is having on its community. These 40,000 pounds of potatoes are a great start to alleviating some of the hardship that the food shortage has imposed on the Navajo people. In addition to potatoes, FarmLink transported 40,000 pounds of onions from Moses Lake, WA to Fort Bragg Food Bank in CA and 15,000 pounds of eggs from Kempton, PA to Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. This brings our total amount of rescued produce to over 570,000 pounds!

In the weeks ahead, FarmLink is also excited to be working with Borden Dairy, one of the largest dairy processors and distributors in the country. Located in Dallas, TX, the company has generously supplied FarmLink with over 300,000 pounds of milk at zero cost. So far, we have secured deals with over 50 food banks across the South, where this milk will go to families in need.  Everything we do is made possible by the amazing people we work with. We now have an Impact Page in order to highlight the stories of farmers, food banks, and truck drivers who have teamed up with FarmLink to make a difference. Click here to read about the Siskiyou Community Food Bank in Yreka, CA, which we delivered 42,500 pounds of potatoes to on May 15th.

Please donate whatever you can here today! Run by an entirely volunteer staff, FarmLink uses 100% of donated funds to buy produce and pay industry workers. With your help, we are reducing hunger and food waste across the United States. Thank you for supporting our mission to feed those in need while supporting essential jobs. 


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