Get back thousands of dollars with no extra work.

Every year, farmers leave millions of dollars on the table when they make donations to the charitable food space without filing for available tax benefits.


The Farmlink Project is here to help maximize the amount of people you feed and optimize the tax deductions and credits that become available as a result.

Who Can Use FLP’s Tax Program?

For now, this extends to anybody donating food through The Farmlink Project, though we hope to eventually be able to offer this to anyone participating in the charitable food space, through Farmlink or otherwise! If you already donate surplus and unmarketable produce through Farmlink, you will automatically be included in the tax program.

With the new Tax Program, Farmlink offers a total package of service.


Food Donation Logistics

  • Cover all shipping and logistics costs

  • Organize and oversee all transportation and delivery logistics

  • Speed - average turnaround time of less than three days

  • Nationwide Range - move to and from any part of the country, with over 300 community partners ready to receive your food

  • Flexibility - work with all quantities, packaging, and produce of any form

You donate, we’ll do the rest.