The Chipotle & The Farmlink Project Story

Back in the summer of 2020, volunteers from our team campaigned to become Chipotle's Round Up partner that coming winter. As such a young organization trying to work with a huge company like Chipotle, we figured it was a shot in the dark. Fast forward to today, the restaurant chain has been our most impactful, devoted, and exclusive partner to date. From driving nationwide campaigns to feed millions, organizing disaster relief, or blasting our anti-hunger message on social media, Chipotle’s willingness to trust and support our mission has created a bigger impact than we ever could have imagined.

Our Work

November 2020

Round Up Partnership Initiative

In the early summer months, Farmlink Project team members Maxwell and Caroline reached out to Chipotle in an email, crossing their fingers that someone might notice it and respond. Chipotle had interviewed over twenty food waste organizations and selected The Farmlink Project as part of their Round Up initiative.

"Chipotle recognized that we are different; we haven’t been around forever, which means that every effort goes to rescuing food waste, and we are authentic—we make mistakes, but are hungry to learn."

-Maxwell Goldman, Founding Member of The Farmlink Project
March 2021

Texas Winter Storm Relief

With the support and encouragement of Chipotle, The Farmlink Project donated nearly 340,000 lbs. of produce to food banks in need across Texas during the recovery of the winter storms.

July 2021

How One Meal Turned Into Over 62,500

When Abdi Ali posted a viral tweet of his Chipotle getting stolen, Chipotle donated $5000 in the name of Abdi to The Farmlink Project, allowing us to move 75,000 lbs of produce to the heart of Minneapolis.

So yeah, our team loves Chipotle

The Farmlink Family

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