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frequently asked questions

How will my money be spent?

100% of all individual donations go towards paying farmers for their produce and covering transportation costs so that food can be delivered to communities in need. We make sure to lift the financial burden off of farms and food banks, who do not have the resources to fund or arrange the transportation of produce, as well as provide economic relief for farmers and truckers, who are facing job instability due to COVID-19 closures. The farmers and truckers that we pay are not employees or team members of The Farmlink Project. All Farmlink Project team members are volunteers.

How is The Farmlink Project different from other initiatives?

According to Feeding America’s national survey of affiliated food banks, 92 percent of food banks are seeing an increase in demand and 64 percent said food donations had declined. At the same time, many producers are having to waste millions of pounds of fresh produce due to difficulties shifting their supply chains and locating demand. The Farmlink Project’s charitable mission is to fill this gap in the food supply chain to ensure that under-served families receive the produce they need in a time when they need it most.

Can you accept tax-deductible donations?

Yes! The Farmlink Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit; all donations are tax-deductible through our Tax ID/EIN #85-1398171.

Where can I send a check?

Please make checks payable to “The Farmlink Project” in the Memo. Please address envelopes as follows: The Farmlink Project 325 Arno Way Los Angeles, CA 90272