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We focus on immediate relief of food insecurity exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as long-term solutions including advocating for policy change and a custom software platform to streamline food donation.


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the farmlink project
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From driving nationwide campaigns to feed millions, organizing disaster relief, and million dollar round up campaigns, Chipotle’s work with Farmlink has created a bigger impact than we ever could have imagined.

Past & Current Sponsors

Primal Kitchen

Since 2020, we have collaborated with Primal Kitchen to connect them to LA area food banks to deliver donations at the end of every month.

JW Couch

“JW Couch created a suite of targeted videos to help the Farmlink Project team reach college students, farmers, corporate sponsors, and other major donors. The completed videos were given an additional boost with the help of paid promotions used across social media and other media platforms. Quickly the team saw the videos generate over half a million views and more visitors to their owned media outlets.”

Outfront Media

"Working with Farmlink directly aligns with our purpose of deepening our connections with the communities in which our canvases exist. We are proud that the addition of our billboard and transit media has helped amplify messaging around hunger and food waste in America, particularly sharing simple solutions people can take today to further the battle on food insecurity" -Liz Rave, Vice President, Marketing, OUTFRONT Media

Planet Home Lending

“During the summer of 2020, we synced to launch The Farmlink Response Team: Impact Tour. We funded a 6-week nationwide tour to identify U.S. communities most in need, deliver food, tell stories that inspire donations, and make people aware of this critical problem. The tour directly enabled over 250,000 meals for families struggling during the heart of the pandemic. Beyond direct impact, the tour allowed the Farmlink team to learn and listen from farmers, community leaders, food bank directors, and other experts who have helped guide the direction of the young organization. - Michael Dubeck, Financial Group CEO and President, Planet Home Lending

Purple Carrot

"In addition to supporting such a great organization aligned with our own mission, connecting all of our employees to the remarkable Farmlink team with a fundraising power hour was a game-changer for how we brought our corporate social responsibility program to life!” -Andy Levitt, founder and former CEO, Purple Carrot


Farmlink was part of an Accelerator with IDEO and the World Wildlife Fund, which was funded by Kroger. The Accelerator focused on designing a software product and sustainable business model to scale The Farmlink Project’s operations.


"There is a 100% level of pride that we work with an organization like Farmlink that is causing true, tangible change. We view what we’ve done with Farmlink as just the start and we’re really excited about what’s ahead in the future" -Jonathan Zacks, Director of Brand Activation, Chipotle


“The Foundation’s grant supported process automation and development of a new tool to streamline delivery operations. The Farmlink Project continues to help support COVID-19 relief efforts today, delivering much-needed produce to those struggling with hunger.” -Kroger impact report


Google granted $50,000 to Farmlink

Uber Freight

We are proud to team up with Uber Freight as part of their Move What Matters campaign to coordinate and transport food to those who need it most. The company helped us redistribute 100,000 pounds of potatoes in Dallas, Texas and 40,000 onions in San Jose, California, among others.


As the pandemic disrupted the food supply chain in 2020, ReFED launched their COVID-19 Food Waste Solutions Fund to provide more than $3.5 million in funding to 37 for-profit and nonprofit organizations, including The Farmlink Project. This grant escalated our ability to tackle food waste reduction and hunger relief efforts in the United States.

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