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We focus on immediate relief and long-term solutions to address food insecurity and food waste, as well as advocating for policy change and quantifying our climate impact.


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the farmlink project
x chipotle

From driving nationwide campaigns to feed millions, organizing disaster relief, and million dollar round up campaigns, Chipotle’s work with Farmlink has created a bigger impact than we ever could have imagined.

Past & Current Sponsors


"There is a 100% level of pride that we work with an organization like Farmlink that is causing true, tangible change. We view what we’ve done with Farmlink as just the start and we’re really excited about what’s ahead in the future" -Jonathan Zacks, Director of Brand Activation, Chipotle


“The Foundation’s grant supported process automation and development of a new tool to streamline delivery operations. The Farmlink Project continues to help support COVID-19 relief efforts today, delivering much-needed produce to those struggling with hunger.” -Kroger impact report


Google is helping us expand our outreach across digital platforms, covering infrastructure costs associated with cloud software, and supporting general operations.


Carhartt is one of our newest corporate partners, yet it has already become one of our most impactful. From gift matches to product donations for farm workers, the last year has shown us how large companies can be flexible and in tune with the needs of their nonprofit partners.

Uber Freight

In 2020, we teamed up with Uber Freight as part of their Move What Matters campaign to coordinate and transport food to those who need it most. They helped us in our early days to redistribute over 15 million pounds of fresh produce.

Taylor Farms

While Farmlink had only been in existence for a few months, Taylor Farms was quick to step forward and work with us. They have consistently donated millions of pounds of lettuce and mixed greens, which we have distributed across the country.


After providing us with our first ever grant through their COVID-19 Food Waste Solutions Fund in 2020, ReFED continues to be one of our greatest supporters in regards to funding, research, and spreading awareness. We admire and follow their lead in the food waste space.

All Within My Hands

“The Farmlink Project is a group of remarkably proactive young people who recognized problems in the areas of food insecurity and food waste and devised a solution. We are honored to make them our 2023 Month of Giving recipients… A massive thank you goes out to the entire Metallica Family. We can’t wait to see what we accomplish together next year!” Peter Delgrosso, Executive Director of All Within My Hands Foundation


Farmlink was part of an accelerator with IDEO to design a software product and sustainable business model that could scale our operations.


Intuit included Farmlink in its 2023 Earth Week campaign. They provided funds for us to redirect food to communities in Los Angeles and prevent carbon emissions. We also volunteered together at a local food bank and called farmers for surplus pickup.


“The Farmlink Project represents the best of what is possible when youthful conviction and energy are combined with innovative thinking. We are honored to have Farmlink as a key partner and enabler of our multi-year impact strategy, The Future is Plant-Based.” - Sandeep Patel, CFO of PopSockets

Purple Carrot

"In addition to supporting such a great organization aligned with our own mission, connecting all of our employees to the remarkable Farmlink team with a fundraising power hour was a game-changer for how we brought our corporate social responsibility program to life!” -Andy Levitt, founder and former CEO, Purple Carrot

Planet Home Lending

“During the summer of 2020, we funded a six-week nationwide tour to identify U.S. communities most in need, deliver food, tell stories that inspire donations, and make people aware of this critical problem. The tour resulted in over 250,000 meals provided to families struggling during the pandemic and allowed the Farmlink team to learn and listen from farmers, community leaders, food bank directors, and other experts who have helped guide the direction of the young organization. –Michael Dubeck, Financial Group CEO and President, Planet Home Lending

Outfront Media

"Working with Farmlink directly aligns with our purpose of deepening our connections with the communities in which our canvases exist. We are proud that the addition of our billboard and transit media has helped amplify messaging around hunger and food waste in America, particularly sharing simple solutions people can take today to further the battle on food insecurity" -Liz Rave, Vice President, Marketing, OUTFRONT Media

Primal Kitchen

Since 2020, Primal Kitchen has provided us with in-kind donations of their healthy, high quality products. Through our partnership, we are able to deliver these goods to food banks in Los Angeles on a monthly basis.

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