Meet the Full Time Team

Ben Collier

"I spent years in an improv group called Peaches, and my bedroom walls are a gallery of found art."

Luis Yepiz

Chief Procurement Officer
"I was the lead singer of a Punk band and an Operatic Tenor."

Christine Choe

"Euler's Identity is my favorite math equation."

Emma Worth

VP of Development
"I have pretty good self-control about most things, the notable exceptions being coffee & eBay."

Ben Shadle

Chief Technology Officer
“Was killed by Moby Dick while serving as a helmsman on a submarine.”

Mike Meyer

Head of Farmer Advocacy
"My Grandmother taught me; it is easier to catch flies with honey".

Joe Bobman

Food Program Operations Manager
fun fact: I have a growing collection of houseplants and a dog named Potato.

Mauricio Reyes

Deal Flow Manager
"I am always looking for any excuse to go fishing."

Nick DiGiovanni

Lead Brand Ambassador
"Anyone can cook."

Aidan Reilly

Head of Partnerships
"I have a twin brother, and before The Farmlink Project I made documentary shorts to submit to international film festivals!"

Sophia Adelle

Head of Policy
"I started a restaurant review column in my elementary school newsletter and I quickly became the go-to for parent's date night recommendations."

Julia DeSantis

Head of Sustainability & Development Coordinator
"My happy place is the ocean and the Japanese snacks aisle."

Jessica Nadeau

Director of Institutional Giving
“Accidentally ran an ultramarathon."

Risa Fox

Development Manager
“The danish pastry whisk is by far the most versatile kitchen tool.”

Owen Dubeck

Creative Director
"My favorite thing to do is to night surf when it's a full moon."

Kate Nelson

Chief Marketing Officer
"The 6 is the best train in New York City."

Cerina Corrigan

Head of Finance
"My dream job as a kid was to be a fashion designer - sadly I am a terrible drawer!"

Hailey Wesling

Head of Corporate Relations
"Favorite activities: watching sunsets, swimming in the sea, listening to ABBA."

Claire Rider

Head of Strategy and Operations
"As part of my college degree, I learned to wine taste in Napa, forage seaweed on the California coast, and I even created food-centered art for a gallery show!"

Stella Delp

FIELD Fellowship Manager
"There will likely come a day when I actually run away and join the circus.”

Jayne Ryan

Operations and Accounting Specialist
"100% not a morning person."

Fellowship Team Leads

Christian Randolph

Analytics Team Lead
"Some people call me Space Cowboy."

Anya Dennison

Food Program Lead
"I love mountains and mayo-based sauces!"

Nelson Liu

DEI Lead
"I play ultimate frisbee!"

Emma Rietmann

Food Program Lead
"I learned how to drive a tractor before I could legally drive a car."

Gabby Smiley

Food Program Lead
"I had to play the banjo for 2 years before learning the guitar because my arms were too short for a normal guitar."

Ujval Gandhi

Analytics Liason
"I played minor league cricket in India for two years before an injury cut short my dreams."

Junior Board

Founded on Farmlink’s second birthday, the Junior Board is comprised of Farmlink's Alumni and provides input and vision on major strategic decisions.

Peter DiGiovanni

Chair of Board
"When I was younger I spent most my time building homes over anthills so they wouldn’t drown in the rain.”

Alex Tsai

Board Member
"I am the heaviest sleeper you will ever meet and can fall asleep anytime, anywhere."

Caroline Ricksen

Board Member
"I once won most likely to remember your birthday and consider that one of my highest achievements."

Courtney Bond

Board Member
"My first time ever eating fish was when I was in college."

Will Collier

Board Member
"Brussels sprouts were one of my least favorite vegetables as a kid, but now they are my favorite!"

Cooper Adams

Board Member
"When I was a kid I had a habit of stripping my clothes off in public and running as fast as I could away from my parents. Best spot to do this: grocery store."

Charles McBryde

Board Member
"I am trapped in the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. And you’re trapped in here with me."

Jordy Hartzell

Board Member
"I still have a baby tooth!"

Hannah Dudley

Board Member
"My favorite ice cream flavor is moosetracks and it is still my personal email handle to this day."