Our current team.


Made up of over 250 college students and recent graduates, The Farmlink Project team is powered by young people. 

Meet the team.


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"I grew up looking up to two figures: Kobe Bryant and The Little Train That Could."

James Kanoff


"I have a twin brother, and before The Farmlink Project I made documentary shorts to submit to international film festivals!"

Aidan Reilly

Creative Lead

"In my free time I enjoy surfing with friends, hiking with my dog, and baking vegan treats."

Stella Delp

Chief of Staff

"I spent years in an improv group called Peaches, and my bedroom walls are a gallery of found art."

Ben Collier

Core Team Lead

"I think cilantro tastes like soap. Yes, the genetic thing."

Jordy Hartzell

Product Manager

"I'm an avid fan of birthdays. My claim to fame is that I once won most likely to remember your birthday."

Caroline Ricksen

Head of Operations

"When I'm not working at Farmlink, I'm probably walking my dog and cooking the world's greatest scrambled eggs!"

Nick Witham

Chief Financial Officer

"My childhood dream job was to be a frog doctor and I’m still kind of hoping that will work out."

Kiki McComb

Fundraising Team Lead

"I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, existentialism, journaling, puns, all-lowercase writing, witty Instagram captions, and Spotify playlists."

Alex Tsai

Fundraising Team Lead

"I've been obsessed with Ladybugs since I was 3, I even had a ladybug shaped suitcase for a couple years... "

Maeve Colarusso

Fundraising Lead

"I like to DJ and I got COVID twice!"

Sal Spina

Chief Financial Officer

"I play ultimate frisbee in my free time so my body doesn't decay. "

Nelson Liu

Relations Lead

"When I'm not on Farmlink Zooms, you can find me on a run listening to a podcast – (I listened to 23,501 minutes of podcasts last year = 16 days!!!)."

Emily Cloonan

 Grants Team Lead

"Embarrassingly enough, according to Spotify, my artist of the decade is one direction "

Chloe Roesslein

Donor Outreach
Team Lead

"I drive a red bug so not much has changed honestly."

Caroline Spertus

Deals Team Lead

"I grew up making elaborate homes for wild ants, including leaf canopies, stone walls, etc."

Peter DiGiovanni

Deals Team Lead

"From ages 2-5, I lived in my Princess Belle dress. Not because I loved the costume, but because I was obsessed with anything yellow and refused to wear any other color."

Mia Foster

Deals Team Lead

"I used to run ultra marathons and then I realized it was more fun to not do that."

Kat Lane

Farms Co-Lead

"When I'm not working at The Farmlink Project, I'm usually outside, baking bread, or recording a podcast episode."

Claudia Sandell-Gándara

Farms Team Lead

"When not working at Farmlink I am biking around Seattle looking for new bagel spots."

Rani Zimand

Farms Team Lead

"I peaked in middle school when I was really good at Type to Learn."

Ashley Wang


Team Lead

AJ Weaver


Team Lead

Andrew Hojel

Product Team Lead

I grew up in Hong Kong!

Jack Rehnborg

Accelerator Business Design Lead

"I once walked the length of a football field on my hands."

Lauren Howerton

Farms Team Lead

"Avid fan of the game SET."

Grace Austin

Farms Team Lead

"I spent three years convincing my family to adopt a dog by putting the application and photos all over the house, in my parents' work files, etc. She is now the universal favorite member of the family."

Lindsay Carlin

Hunger Outreach

Team Lead

"Avid Tolkein enthusiast, will debate the finer points of the Silmarillion with anyone. Lover of pottery and aspiring gardener."

Jacob Dudley

Hunger Outreach

Team Lead 

"I have a pet bunny named Ernie who proves that love exists."

Audrey Slatkin

Team Lead

"Never had a pet fish, but had pretty much everything else. One time I ate a scorpion."

Kate Nelson


Team Lead

"I like to do geography quizzes on Sporcle to decompress."

Rebecca Isaacson

Impact Team Lead

"I have very short pinkies and my thumbs aren't the same size."

Olivia Groell

Impact Team Lead

When I'm not working at Farmlink, you can find me rewatching The Fault in Our Stars.

Alexandra Huynh

Social Justice Collective Co-Lead

"I began walking at 7 months and 27 days. Haven't stopped since. "

Kyla Goux

Social Justice Collective Co-Lead

"My go to fun fact is that I can fit my fist in my mouth. "

Meagan Matthews

Peer-to-Peer Lead

"When I'm not working for FL, I am probably on a mountain somewhere."

Grace Greis

Media Analytics
Team Lead

"On New Years Eve 2020 I broke up a fistfight which led to a police chase that required me to run through a neighborhood in a tuxedo and velvet slippers (I wasn't being chased)."

Charles McBryde


Team Lead

"My most defining personality trait is that I drive a red mini cooper convertable."

Isabel Tran

Design Lead