The Shared Plate Pledge

We call for any farm, food provider, community level organization, hunger-fighting charity, or individual to join us in supporting farmers, protecting our planet, and fighting hunger.

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We invite you to join our collaborative initiative:
The Shared Plate Pledge.

We aspire to create an ecosystem where collaboration supersedes competition, leading to more effective solutions for hunger and a unified community that ensures food security for all.

shared plate pledge: Introduction

Our public alignment will drive innovation and collaboration across our food system.

Today, there are thousands of incredible efforts with shared missions taking place, to nourish our people and preserve our planet.

With this Pledge, our food system can take a significant leap towards unity, setting the stage for dynamic innovation and implementation of common goals. Our alignment through this Pledge will demonstrate to policymakers the untapped potential in this sector. It will reassure donors & investors that their contributions are part of a large, impactful movement. And, importantly, it will remind us all that change, progress, and the achievement of a world where no one goes hungry can only be realized through our united efforts.

our commitments

These principles define how we strive to innovate, build, and partner throughout the charitable food system.


Innovation and Adaptability in Food Rescue

We aspire to embrace new processes and methods that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of food rescue efforts.


Build Each Other Up

We aspire to promote training, resource sharing, and mentorship throughout our food system.


Respect Donor

We aspire to support the decisions of food donors in their contributions, to drive participation in food recovery.


Foster Open Dialogue

We aspire to promote constructive communication, and trust the sincerity and goodwill behind each community member's actions.


Collaborative Redistribution
of Surplus

When facing excess food, we aspire to collaborate with other organizations to ensure it reaches those in need.


Shared Success,
Shared Mission

We aspire to collectively track nutritional and climate impact, to ensure progress at the highest level.

The True Stakeholders of this pledge

It takes all of us to fight hunger, reduce food waste, and protect our climate.

44 Million Americans
Facing Immediate Food Insecurity

An Industry of Food Providers Facing Major, Ongoing Surplus

Our Planet Facing an Uncertain Future

We invite you sign the
Shared Plate Pledge.

Everybody is a part of our food system. As such, our invitation extends beyond traditional stakeholders to encompass anyone who shares a deep passion for bettering the food system - nonprofits, for-profit organizations, agencies, and individuals.

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Letter from the author.

Systemic change requires a system ready to change.

For the last three years, through conversations with thousands of participants in our food system, we have heard a universal aspiration to support farmers, take care of our planet, and fight hunger. Those conversations have written this Pledge.

The Shared Plate Pledge is a commitment to principles of innovation, partnership, and measuring our success as one. We recognize the diverse and vital roles that various entities play in our food system, and believe that we are stronger together than the sum of our parts.

This Pledge seeks not to hold others accountable, but to give each participant a framework and community through which we can pursue progress together. Thank you for considering this partnership. Together, we can make a significant difference.

Ben Collier,
CEO of Farmlink Project

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