From farm to food bank

With You, We Can
Create Consistent
Food Access Nationwide

As a movement of young people, we’ve delivered over 200 million meals of nutritious food to families facing hunger. Now we need your help to do this on a much larger scale.


Irene is a mother of four located in Navajo Nation, where the nearest grocery store is 50 miles away. With gas and grocery prices at an all time high, food has become completely unaffordable. Our distribution in her area cut her travel time in half.


Danielle and her family live out of their car and struggle to get food on the table. Danielle wants to be the first female president in the United States.


Sandra's local grocery store has doubled prices over the past year, but her wage has stayed the same. She works full time and worries about what she will feed her kids on a daily basis.

$1 = 18 Meals

Research shows that access to nutritious food increases your life expectancy by 10 years. It is our mission to ensure no one goes without the food they need.

Farms Have Extra Food

Farmlink gets a call from our farming partners that they have perfectly good produce that would be thrown away.

Truck is Dispatched

Farmlink coordinates the logistics between the farm and food bank. We cover the cost of trucking and transporting the rescued produce. 

Produce Arrives at Food Bank

Fresh, nutrient dense vegetables and fruits arrive at partner food banks who organize distribution to other community partners or directly to those in need.

From Farm to Table

Families around the country enjoy this nutritious food that otherwise would have gone to waste.

We didn't set out to create an organization, but rather do something to help our community.

In the onset of the pandemic, we got together a small group of friends to send food to our local food bank.

We rented uhuals that we drove ourselves and completed our first shipment in April 2020. Fast forward six months and hundreds of students would ban together to move over 10 million lbs of nutritious produce nationwide.

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