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the World With Us.

The Farmlink Project connects farms with surplus to food banks to feed people in need, reduce carbon emissions & empower the next generation of changemakers.

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We believe we can bring an end to hunger and waste in our lifetime

At The Farmlink Project Summer Fellowship, you will join a community of passionate students from diverse backgrounds to work together in creating a more equitable and sustainable food system. This fellowship is designed to equip students with the resources to grow as leaders and challenge their ideas of what is possible. What makes The Farmlink Project different from any other organization is that we are led by innovative, bold, and curious students.

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Whether it's helping place food where it is most needed on the deals team or bringing attention to our mission on the media team, all our teams are helping in the fight against food insecurity and food waste.


Identify and source surplus by contacting farms directly and researching which regions and types of produce are experiencing food waste.


Coordinate the end-to-end logistics of moving identified surplus from farms to food banks.

Hunger & Outreach

Places surplus produce at food banks and other distribution sites based on need, capacity, and location.


Communicate the systemic roots of food waste and insecurity to the public through research, outreach, and advocacy.


Expand Farmlink’s network and general education surrounding food insecurity and waste through creative storytelling on social media platforms, website, and news stories. Reach new audiences through creative partnerships and outreach.


Discover, quantify, and broadcast The Farmlink Project’s impact on individuals and communities across the country. Works on newsletters and progress updates for the website with the goal of keeping people notified on The Farmlink Project’s impact.


Bring in funds supporting farmlink’s operations through corporate partnerships (outreach, research), grant applications (research, writing), and much more.


We create budgets, work to minimize spending, do small financial modeling projects, facilitate inter-pillar projects and assist carbon credit sales. Looking for people with accounting, economics, or finance experience who can show initiative and want to take on individual projects.


Help develop our carbon credit program while working with carbon offsetting projects from around the world

We're looking for

doers 🔧
designers 🖌️
copywriters ✏️
developers 💻
data analysts 🔢
self starters⚡️
doers 🔧
designers 🖌️
copywriters ✏️
developers 💻
data analysts 🔢
self starters⚡️
doers 🔧
designers 🖌️
copywriters ✏️
developers 💻
data analysts ✏️
creator ⚡️
doers 🔧
creative 🥳
coffee-lover ☕️
developer 💻
data analysts ✏️
creator ⚡️

"To fight these two massive issues, you need to have a stubborn sense of optimism and hope. At its core, The Farmlink Project is about giving people a platform to create real-world impact. We would not exist without the 600 volunteers who have built this organization and paved the way forward for thousands to come after them."

-Aidan Riley, Founding Member & Head of Partnerships

"The Farmlink Project has been completely transformational for both my personal and professional endeavors, providing a workspace that allows me to contribute to ending food insecurity, while also being surrounded by a community of supportive peers! The amount of responsibility and trust given to fellows at our age is unmatched!"

Tyler Senzon

Deals Team Member

"Joining The Farmlink Project was one of the best things to happen to me! Not only have I grown as a creative person as a part of this team, but I found a group of people to work with on making a impact in different communities nationwide."

Melanie Ortega

Media Team Member

"The Farmlink Project has completely redefined what being in a team means for me. In addition to providing a great support network, The Farmlink Project gives purpose to an important, pressing issue of food access that has a tangible but ambitious solution. Through my time here, I've learned that our goals are possible when it involves a group of young, inspiring people willing to work together and trust in one another!"

Bianca Lee

Policy  & Media Team

"FLP allowed me to explore important societal and environmental issues, develop my leadership style, and and spend time in a warm community of inspiring individuals."

Hailey Wesling

Fundraising/ Corporate Partnership Team

“Working with Farmlink has been transformative toward my pursuit of sustainability and understanding the societal implications of the food insecurity landscape. On the Deals Team, I’ve accumulated ample knowledge and experiences that have made a profound impact on my career-oriented ambitions. The tight-knit community, endless enthusiasm, and visionary outlook remind me to explore beyond my comfort zone. ”

Adam Senzon

Deals Team Member

"I have never felt a sense of belonging like I do at The Farmlink Project. This fellowship has given me opportunities to explore my interests, while making a lasting difference. I have noticed a new level of personal growth and development since my start in the Fall, and it continues to drive my goals and passion for this work. I am truly grateful to be apart of such an inspiring group of individuals!"

Sophia Harvey

Deal Flow Team Lead
Our model
Take action today
Connect the billions of pounds of nutritious produce that would otherwise be wasted to support people and our planet.
Invest in tomorrow
Address system-level problems through projects, policy, technology, innovation, advocacy and citizen engagement at scale.
Lead lifelong change
Empower innovative student leaders to become lifelong changemakers and pursue impactful careers that matter.
Who is eligible to apply to The Farmlink Project fellowship program?
All students and recent graduates are encouraged to apply for The Farmlink Project fellowship program.
How do I apply?
Please complete the google form application linked here.
Is this a financially compensated position?
This is an unpaid position. However, if you are a student, you may be able to receive school credit or financial compensation through your university. If this applies to you and you are interested, please contact
I am a high-school student, can I apply for The Farmlink Project?
Yes! All students are welcome to apply.
How many hours am I expected to commit during the fellowship?
Our Fall Fellowship requires fellows to commit 10-12 hours a week. During the summer, fellows are expected to commit 25-40 hours per week.